The Customer is ALWAYS Wrong.

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Anyone and everyone has a podcast these days — with topics varying from arts appreciation in music, film, and literature, to hard sports analysis, to hard-hitting journalistic news: but why hasn't anyone done a podcast about everyday restaurant debauchery?

Join hosts Wes Greene and Avery Leigh Davis for the ongoing trials and tribulations of the Gratuitous Behavior podcast: the only podcast dedicated to servers, hosts, bartenders, busboys, dishwashers, and everyone indentured to the service industry.

Based in large part on his own personal experiences working in the bartending and service industry, Gratuitous Behaviour is created and written by Dana Robert Taylor, Produced by Liz May, directed/co-produced by Toronto film & music video director R. Stephenson Price (11:11; Boomerang; The Indie Machine), and stars Dony Lugo as Avery Leigh Davis, and Ian Lynch (1 Girl, 5 Gays) as Wesley Greene.

The five-episode first season of Gratuitous Behaviour was inspired by serialized linear comedies like The League, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Parks & Recreation, and follows server friends Wesley Greene and Avery Leigh Davis as they record the titular podcast as a way of dealing with the stresses of their day-to-day customer interactions at work (read: by complaining about them in “gratuitous” detail).

  • Avery

    Played by Dony Lugo

    Just another disgruntled millennial? The voice of a new generation? Most likely neither? AVERY LEIGH DAVIS is the co-host of the most popular (only) podcast dedicated to Servers, Bartenders, Dishwashers and everyone indentured in the service industry. Avery claims to like good music, good people, and good times, but is most often found not living life to the fullest while drinking after work. When asked, her friends describe Avery as: charmingly ambitious, blunt, delightfully merry, ultra inclusive, and dreaded yet adored. Avery is - at the very least - a lot of things, to a lot of people.

  • Wes

    Played by Ian Lynch

    WES GREENE is the host of the Gratuitous Behaviour Podcast, educated in a foreign language (French), and the best looking person at his work. Wesley Greene is an over-achiever who is starting to wonder why he has achieved so little to this point in his life. Possessing (almost) no sense of what constitutes an “indoor voice”; Wes, at least, brings a sense of vibrant enthusiasm to everything (and everyone) he touches. Also, a huge fan of white wine.

  • Johnny

    Played by Malcolm Taylor

    JOHNNY MACRURY thought he was the coolest guy in high school, which, after nearly two decades, is hard to prove, (but in his defense, equally hard to disprove). Since then he has had (2) failed marriages, (0) career, and (1) house; which he inherited when his mom died. Now Johnny lives in that house with Avery, a stranger he found on Craigslist... ...She is probably his best friend. Life's not all bad.

  • Carter

    Played by J.D. Smith

    Averagely handsome. Secretly insecure. Typically sensitive. CARTER enjoys simple things like nights out with his “bros.” (short for brothers) — which is how he refers to his best male friends because he feels so close to them (as if they were in fact brothers). Despite these bro-ish tendencies, Carter still possesses a wide range of interests: art, politics, child abuse (which he is staunchly against). Carter is attracted to Avery, but often has trouble convincing her they have more in common beyond a shared interest in drinking.

  • Brice

    Played by Matt Clark

    Junior coordinator at a mid level investment firm, and the live-in boyfriend of waiter/podcast host Wesley Greene. BRICE enjoys abstract art, fine wine, and musicals with classic rock songs instead of original music... Yet, Brice would actually like his life to be less interesting than it sounds. Initially drawn to Wes, because of Wes' outgoing attitude and joie de vivre – Brice isn't sure what he wants anymore.

  • Joe

    Played by Ucal Shillingford

    Long time friend of Wes and Avery. JOE recently traveled to South-East Asia in an attempt to “find himself.” Comically, all he found was that people treat you different when you lose a ton of weight, grow your hair and beard out, and your skin finally clears up. Life, right?

  • Kayla

    Played by ERROR 404

    KAYLA was sick of us talking about her on the show... So we deleted all her info! Dear Kayla, we hope you're happy.

  • Kate

    Played by Victoria Urquhart

    Currently finishing her degree in material sciences. Only works two night shifts a week. Very pragmatic. When KATE finds something she wants she goes after it.

  • George

    Played by Robb Johannes

    That bartender you know, who always seems to be picking up the single women he serves at his bar. Despite his rake-ish ways, GEORGE's relationship with Avery is beyond platonic. They just get each other.

  • Rodney

    Played by Himself

    A cactus.

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    ™ Gratuitous Behaviour is a co-production of Liz May Films, Stratasfear, and Mint Bungalow Productions.

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