What is Stratasfear?

Stratasfear Productions is a Toronto-based multimedia production house.

Our specialty is content.

We like:

  • learning new things
  • meeting interesting people who do interesting things
  • telling other people why these things are interesting

This is why we help BANDS, BRANDS, and BUSINESSES identify what makes them or their particular project unique, isolate their identifying tropes and themes, and develop an audio/visual representation of that to help reach potential audiences and customers; after all: the most important product you can sell... is yourself.


Film + Video



Web + Graphic Design

Branding + Identity


  • Mr. Price's visual aesthetic, creative vision, and sense of time management and budget consciousness have made him truly a pleasure to work with on our many collaborations thus far ... I would wholeheartedly endorse his skills and professionalism to deliver high-quality and challenging film content to any artist or company.
    - Robb Johannes, Writer/Vocalist/Composer (Paint)
  • Ryan [made] invaluable creative suggestions that were completely on-brand with our company... [he] has a great sense of what is "in" and "the latest" in technology. His ability to combine this knowledge with an artistic approach to design makes him stand out as a talented individual, who is always in demand!
    - Hannah Yakobi, Editor-In-Chief (FAJO Magazine)
  • R. Stephenson Price is a modern-day renaissance man. He excels at everything he puts his mind to, be it composing music, shooting/editing video, writing scripts/screenplays – he gets it all done with professionalism and style. Here is a man whose only constraint is the feeble number of hours in a working day.
    - David Weisz, Journalist & Web Coordinator (The Toronto Star)