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Toronto rock band Paint are putting their bread and butter on display, literally and figuratively, with a double live album and concert film featuring mostly unreleased songs, with select cuts from Paint’s critically-acclaimed LPs, Can You Hear Me? and Where We Are Today, and film soundtrack/EP, Based on Truth and Lies.




Production Stills


    Heartstrings TV
    The Indie Machine
    Steam Whistle Brewery
    The Trebas Institute
    Two Way Monologues
    Angela Saini
    * * *
    Joy Albuquerque
    Angela Armstrong
    Yvonne Bergmans
    Roger Boyd
    Tara Bradford
    Jimmy Cain
    Elizabeth Carey
    Ryan Carruthers
    Sansar Chauhan
    Sawtantra Chauhan
    Sundeep Chauhan
    Bipasha Choudhury
    Nathan Da Silva
    Tim Dafoe
    Jeet Das
    Alexandra Delgado
    Blythe Doole
    Victoria Ellingham
    Keira Finnemore
    Jenn J Fudge
    Sarah Gordon
    Tim Guimond
    Jason H Guitard
    Niranjan Gundu
    Sachiko Gutierrez
    Seiji Gutierrez
    Valeria Gutierrez
    K Hancock
    Jim Harris
    Matt Hughes
    Kevin James Hunt
    Mark S Ingram
    Meena Jagait
    Diane Jankovich
    Kelly Jankovich
    Ryan Jankovich
    Sandra L Jannetta
    Tom Karczmar
    Michelle Kirby
    Kristin Knowles
    Roger Lewis
    Joe Mac
    Jeffrey Mann
    Natalia Manzocco
    Heidy Marisol
    Liz May
    John McGimpsey
    John P McMillan
    John Nicholls
    V Palhories
    Gerald Popovich
    Rob Robbins
    Victoria Shepherd
    Ian Smith
    Sarah Smith
    Jonathan A Smelcer
    Gregg Steffensen
    Photo Trevor
    Victoria Urquhart
    Adam Wagman
    Spencer Welch
    Jessica Wilson
    Hilman Yee

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