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Filmed in black-and-white, 11:11 is the latest chapter in the ongoing cinematic universe between Toronto rock band Paint and filmmaker R. Stephenson Price.

Based on four brand new and interconnected Paint songs — from their Based on Truth and Lies EP (2015) — 11:11 is inspired by The Who's Quadrophenia, the collaborations of U2 and Anton Corbijn, Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man, Alice in Wonderland, and the films of Davids Cronenberg and Lynch - resulting in an hour-long experimental sci-fi film that portrays the abrupt end of an illicit love affair that leads a young man on a downward spiral, while forces beyond his control begin to intervene.

11:11's four-act structure — set in Toronto over four seasons in four years — follows Trevor's journey into oblivion through the colliding of multiple layers of consciousness and reality — where nothing is as it seems, or even as it is: a multi-layered look at our most basic needs gone awry.

The Characters

  • Trevor

    A 20-something everyman with philosophical leanings, TREVOR and his many states of consciousness tell the story of 11:11. As he begins to pursue an illicit affair with Taylor, he soon finds himself stumbling into a downward spiral with no apparent end in sight — all while some unknown parties begin to take notice.

  • Taylor

    As 11:11 opens, TAYLOR swaps a wedding ring for a vial of clear liquid that induces hallucinations which allow her to perceive Paint performing in a white room. She's later seen wearing Trevor's wedding ring though we seldom see her again, only in photographs and flashbacks. Trevor's spiral seems to be inextricably linked to Taylor's apparent absence.

  • The Others

    THE OTHERS take on the embodiment of Robb Johannes and Jordan Shepherdson of Paint. Though similar in appearance to characters in Paint's "Boomerang", something is slightly... off: extraterrestrial, interdimensional, existential, or an extension of Trevor's own extracurricular activities is anyone's guess.

  • Det. Slick Shepard

    DET. SLICK SHEPARD often brags about his arrest record — properly documented or not. He's been on the trail of the others since Paint's "Boomerang," while also burning out partners, his liver, and his wife. A rogue cop who only plays by the rules just enough to make sure he gets the bust, Shepard made his debut in Paint's "She Leaves".

  • Det. Portia Pourquet

    DET. PORTIA POURQUET was recently promoted to Detective and was assigned to be Det. Slick Shepard's partner after his obsessive and unrelenting commitment to his work (and play) burned out his previous partner, Det. Kenzie Kickwell, as seen in "Boomerang." Portia has an IQ of 168 and a PhD in forensic sciences but speaks almost exclusively Spanish.

  • Dr. Hannah Rosen-Bass

    The resident 'rogue' professor in The Department of Physics at the University of Toronto, DR. HANNAH ROSEN-BASS has recently published her opus "Multiverse Theory and the Physics of Parallel Worlds" to much acclaim from the psuedoscience community and the public at large... and skepticism from her tenured collegues.

Behind The Scenes

*Behind-the-scenes photography by Robb Johannes.

Story of the Moral of the Story: The Making of 11:11

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  • Special Thanks

    Shaalee Dworski
    Steve Finn
    Dan Hosh
    Sandy James
    Matt Laforest
    Greg LeGros
    Elaine McCann
    Paula McGlynn
    Tristan Miller
    Sonia Pahwa
    Ruby Paugh
    Carolina Pinzon
    Ian Smith
    Steve Sone
    Victoria Wicks
    Jessica Wilson
    The Anti-Queens
    Catherine North Studios
    Hello Studios
    May Cafe
    Rancho Relaxo
    Rehearsal Factory
    Rulers of the Moon
    Steam Whistle Brewing

    We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage (Canada Music Fund) and of Canada's Private Radio Broadcasters... and you the fans for making 11:11 possible through IndieGogo.

    11:11 is a co-production of Stratasfear Productions and Paint © 2015.

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