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"Change of plans; meet for update.
Midnight, usual place."

After a mass raid on a supposed arms dealer warehouse turns up nothing but embarrassment, rookie detective Lauren receives a frantic note from an informant that suggests something much larger might be in the works.

Starring Victoria Urquhart and Randy Singh, Misinformed is written/directed by R. Stephenson Price and is the first installment in Stratasfear Productions' Single Scene Stories: an ongoing series of short films designed to be filmed in a single location with a minimal budget, cast, and crew.

Misinformed premiered at the Toronto Short Film Festival on March 15th, 2017 and was a finalist in the CTV Best in Shorts competition at Cinéfest Sudbury 2017.



  • Lauren

    Born and raised in a police family, Lauren was a rebellious teenager constantly breaking the rules and pushing back against the establishment — while narrowly getting out of trouble with the law (thanks to her Lieutenant father). After her father's death in the line of duty, an 18-year-old Lauren straightened out her ways and followed in his footsteps by enrolling in the police academy. Now — 10 years later — Lauren has unearthed evidence that his death may not have been as routine as once thought, and that it might be tied to recent criminal activity by an illusive criminal group run by the mysterious "Keung".

  • Mark

    Lauren's childhood best friend and "will-they-won't-they" high school fling, Mark has skated by for most of his adult life by being everybody's answer to the statement: "I know a guy". While Lauren's life diverged to a more reputable path following her father's death, Mark's absent parents forced him to grow up fast — quickly learning how to be the guy who can get anything for anyone: no questions asked. His latest foray into smuggling tech shipments of questionable legality through unofficial channels in Asian markets has put him right in the middle of Keung's ongoing operation; reuniting him with Lauren, who has co-opted him into her investigation.

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