We specialize in multimedia campaigns that encompass everything from idea conception to release and everything in between.

We can do something outrageous, something funny, something quirky, or something reserved - the best piece of promotional material is one that fits your brand: whatever that happens to be!

Let's chat about what we can do to help take your brand - or your brand's next project - to the next level.

Hear from some of our clients


  • Ryan has an exceptional, wonderfully weird and unique imagination. His ideas are infinite and his enthusiasm inexhaustible. He is unrelenting in the execution of his vision, despite limitations, financial or otherwise, that may confine him creatively. Beyond his abilities he is a fun, kind and affable human being. In this business, I find that this is often more important than talent, though he has plenty of that as well. My highest recommendation.
    Scarlett Flynn
    Frontwoman, Vocalist, Composer - Running Red Lights
  • Mr. Price's visual aesthetic, creative vision, and sense of time management and budget consciousness have made him truly a pleasure to work with on our many collaborations thus far ... I would wholeheartedly endorse his skills and professionalism to deliver high-quality and challenging film content to any artist or company.
    Robb Johannes
    Writer, Vocalist, Composer - Paint
    Co-Producer, Writer - 11:11 / disPLAY
  • Ryan did a great job helping refresh and develop consistency for our brand. He created beautiful promotional materials, outdoor advertising creatives, and updated and improved our website's look and functionality. He is a true professional, who worked to get to know the organization and exceeded our expectations. We continue to work with Ryan now and in the future. Highly recommended!
    Katie Miller
    Executive Director - Science Rendezvous
  • I've collaborated with Stratasfear Productions on several web-based projects - the most recent being a website for a non-for-profit project called MYTORONTO, which was very-well received. Ryan is a very skilled developer and multi-media producer, he’s also very well-versed in branding and graphics and is attentive to clients' needs and objectives. His diverse skill set is applied to each project he tackles. I highly recommend working with Stratasfear!
    Daphna Nussbaum
    Principal - Storia PR
  • I was immediately struck by Mr. Price's ability to tell stories visually, his attention to detail, and perhaps most importantly for someone trying to create comedy – his sense of timing... we instantly felt like he not only "got" our vision, but was often one or two steps ahead, consistently making it better.
    Dana Robert Taylor
    Writer - Gratuitous Behaviour
  • The fact that [Ryan] has a working understanding of so many areas of the production process: from camera, lighting, production design, to post production, sound design, score, and eventually to marketing, branding and identity; enhances his understanding of the whole process — which ultimately will make a better product.
    Liz May
    Producer - Gratuitous Behaviour / Tempor Tempor
  • Ryan [made] invaluable creative suggestions that were completely on-brand with our company... [he] has a great sense of what is "in" and "the latest" in technology. His ability to combine this knowledge with an artistic approach to design makes him stand out as a talented individual, who is always in demand!
    Hannah Yakobi
    Editor-In-Chief - FAJO Magazine
  • R. Stephenson Price is a modern-day renaissance man. He excels at everything he puts his mind to, be it composing music, shooting/editing video, writing scripts/screenplays – he gets it all done with professionalism and style. Here is a man whose only constraint is the feeble number of hours in a working day.
    David Weisz
    Data Journalist & Instructor - Humber College
    (Past: Global 16x9, The Toronto Star, The Grid)
  • It was immediately evident that Ryan knew his stuff, and his technical knowledge was sharp. The editing process itself was amazingly efficient, and he guided me through each step so I felt my questions or uncertainties (which takes to use, which scenes to cut, which music and editing strategies suited the piece best) were heard and resolved. Two visits later, I have a reel I'm very proud of, and had fun getting there.
    Julie Cohn

Film + Video

Our forté is film.

With over a decade of journalistic, documentary, concert, live event, conceptual, and narrative experience across countless locations and a plethora of camera setups, let us help you craft the perfect promotional piece, music video, or narrative film project.

Don't see what you're looking for? Drop us an email and lets chat about how your project is different and what we can do to help.

Available Packages

Commercial / Promotional

  • Brand - Intro/Overview
  • Brand - Product/Service
  • Event - On Location
  • Event - Wrapup
  • Campaign - Intro
  • Campaign - Promo Item
  • Campaign - Documentary

Music Video

  • Narrative
  • Conceptual/Experimental
  • Documentary (Recording/Tour/Promo)
  • Acoustic (Single / Multi-Cam)
  • Studio (Single / Multi-Cam)
  • Venue (Single / Multi-Cam)


  • Micro (Social / Digital)
  • Short
  • Featurette
  • Web / Broadcast Series
  • Feature
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The first Stratasfear digital camera was a hand-me-down Sony Mavica back in 2002 (the one that ran on a 3.5" floppy disk).

Since that time digital camera technology has come a long way, and we've gone through a fair number of cameras, but through it all we've shot Profiles, Businesses, Products, Live Events, Concerts, you name it: Let us help capture your promotional needs!

We also integrate our photography into film, web, print, or digital design projects as part of promotional packages, so keep us in mind the next time you're looking for an all-in one solution.

Check out some samples


We've been building websites since 1997 - back when the web was young and most websites... well, they looked like chaotic garbage.

These days we build all our websites in the open-source CMS (content management system) WordPress, as we believe that once we finish building your website you should have full control of its content (You shouldn't need our help to change your phone number if you need to).

Using our proprietary Modulus framework system, our WordPress sites are responsive and mobile-ready out of the box: tell us what your site needs to be able to do, pick your interchangeable parts, choose your colours and we'll get to work!

The best part is - as your brand or business continues to grow, these pieces are easily upgradable: no fuss no muss.

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We first picked up basic design in the early days of the internet and gradually learned the main arsenal of the designers' toolkit: the programs in Adobe's Creative Suite (back before it was called that, and before they owned half their programs [R.I.P. Macromedia]).

Today after reading book after book on the subject, we've got nearly two decades of experience in print and digital design, including: newspapers & magazines, catalogues & lookbooks, print & digital advertising, flyers, posters, business cards and dropcards.

In 2017 we even made our first series of billboards - how cool is that?

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Brand + Identity

The identity of your company, product, or project is almost as important as the endeavour itself.

We'll work with you to find the best representation for your brand through a use of colours, fonts, logos, photography, and visual motifs/treatments to develop all of the components you'll need: from letterheads and posters, to social media skins and email signatures.

We're also really into Saul Bass.

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