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Bur´y the bis·cuit
  1. Verb: In hockey - to bury the puck in the opponent's net, scoring a goal.

Un`bur´y the bis·cuit
  1. Verb: The opposite *see above / getting the puck (and yourself) away from the threat of defeat.

  2. Noun: A short Canadian crime drama set against the backdrop of our nation's favourite pastime: the story of a disillusioned hockey instructor - and failed NHL prospect - who is strong-armed into running drugs by the leader of an arena-based crime ring. When his tension-filled first deal goes wrong — and $250,000 of drug money goes missing — once heavy-hitting hockey player Nick will have to piece together how to dig himself out of his end and "unbury the biscuit".



  • Nick


    Nick might have come from a rough upbringing, but he and his older brother Jamie found an outlet playing hockey at the local arena. While Jamie started to go down the wrong path, Nick stuck it out and pursued his dream of making it to the big leagues. Unfortunately — like a lot of young players in this country — things didn't work out, and he ended up with nothing to show for it. Flash-forward a few years, and Nick is now working at that same local rink as a hockey instructor, living a modest life with his girlfriend Liz. But when Jamie is arrested, and his dangerous drug-supplying rink boss Karl informs Nick he'll have to step in to replace him, Karl's threats — and the temptation of a more lavish life — prove to be too much for Nick to resist.

  • Liz


    Liz is Nick's girlfriend: the two have been an item for years and are now living together. A part-time student and artist living off of odd jobs when she can get them — and something of a thrill-seeker personality — Liz was once an avid hockey fan who tethered herself to Nick's rising star. Even though he didn't make it big she loves Nick and only wants what's best for him, so when Nick tells her that he's going to start running drugs for Karl she's definitely not thrilled.

  • Karl


    Karl is a former hockey enforcer who played in the minors as a professional face puncher on skates. After hanging up his laces, he moved into the drug game as a supplier and was able to use his notoriety within the sport to secure a job as the rink manager at a prominent Toronto arena: the perfect front for him as he built up his drug empire. But when the cops book his top runner Jamie, and he finds himself needing someone he can trust to take over, Karl looks to Nick — a lowly instructor at the rink who just happens to be that runner's younger brother.

  • Jamie


    Jamie is Nick's older brother. Never as skilled on the ice as his kid brother, Jamie made his move to the world of crime at a young age, and quickly moved up the ranks when Karl took him under his wing to be his right-hand man for his drug operation. But after his sudden arrest, there's way too much heat for Jamie to stay in the game, and while he faces a huge prison term for drug and weapons charges, the idea of skipping bail to leave town and start over begins to look appealing.

  • Vince


    Vince is one of the biggest drug dealers in the city, and one of Karl's best customers. He's built a working relationship with Jamie as his direct link to the product, but with Jamie now out on bail — on the verge of a prison sentence — Vince is less than interested in now doing business with Jamie's brother; when Nick shows up for the deal, Vince doesn't like the vibe.

    He might also be "a little" crazy.

  • Will


    Will is Vince's partner and an enforcer within his entourage. When it came to their product transfers, Vince and Jamie had a routine - but with the unknown variable Nick now standing in his place, Vince brings the silent-but-deadly Jamaican import Will along to provide some backup... and when things go awry, it's Will who comes up with a plan.



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    The cast and crew of UNBURY THE BISCUIT would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who donated to our IndieGogo campaign, or who provided direct assistance with our production:

    Norma Billyeald
    Bill Bolton
    John Brinckman
    Nick Brinckman
    Sophia Brinckman
    Theodora Brinckman
    Blair Chivers
    Ryan Citron
    Adrian Collusi
    Wendy Cook
    Max Drogue
    Prudence Emery
    Rosalyn Farina-Martel
    Spencer Fox
    Roger Gervais
    Raqual Gomez
    Ron Graham
    Richard Hogarth
    Jill Horne
    Bill Hutchison
    David Kochberg
    Andrew Lake
    Britain Lovsin
    Morgan Lovsin
    Liz May
    Olivia McGilchrist
    Darleen McKay
    Chloe Michelle
    Laura Muirhead
    Mollie Patterson
    Katherie Southam
    Peter Southam
    Tim Southam
    Tony Suche
    Julie Sype
    Louis Tentsos
    Colin Webster
    Chloe Wyman

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