What is Stratasfear?

Stratasfear Productions is a Toronto-based multimedia production house.

Our specialty is content.

We like:

  • learning new things
  • meeting interesting people who do interesting things
  • telling other people why these things are interesting

This is why we help BANDS, BRANDS, and BUSINESSES identify what makes them or their particular project unique, isolate their identifying tropes and themes, and develop an audio/visual representation of that to help reach potential audiences and customers; after all: the most important product you can sell... is yourself.

You spelled that wrong...

Names are always tricky business: band names are often already taken, films all start to sound like the same thing, and companies can skew too generic with no relation to the service or product they offer. A name should be memorable, but it also has to be unique (and you still might have to pay some guy in Utah a bunch of money to purchase the Twitter handle).

I've always been a huge fan of pulp, horror and science fiction – one of the ongoing tropes of these genres that I found most fascinating was the underlying fear of the future, or dread of things to come.

I decided to reflect this in the name "Stratasfear" (an obvious misspelling of stratosphere) as the idea of something being so advanced – beyond the leading-edge of development – that even those advancements just over the horizon in the future would be afraid of it: Strata's Fear.

About R. Stephenson Price

Ryan Stephenson Price is a Toronto-based multimedia producer: a classically trained/contemporary rock musician, filmmaker, photographer, journalist, personality, concert promoter, and graphic/web designer.

Aside from producing films, shorts, music videos, and web interfaces, Price spends most of his time dedicated to pursuits of science (fact/fiction) research, contemporary rock music, serialized comedy/drama/thrillers, high fashion, comic books, video games, heart-attack-inducing food creations, and a multitude of other seriously nerdy interests.

Price served as the Art Director & Production Manager of now-defunct Toronto commuter newspaper t.o.night (2009-2012) prior to three years in-house as the senior front-end web developer for film & television trade publisher Brunico (Playback, Kidscreen, Realscreen, Strategy, et al) (2013-2016), alongside his co-host/producing duties with Toronto multimedia music series The Indie Machine (2010-2014). He has an honours degree in Journalism with minors in Film Studies and Contemporary Music History from Ottawa's Carleton University.

Price is currently seeking new freelance/contract multimedia projects (copy, print, digital, audio, broadcast, film, live) through Stratasfear Productions.

See his film cv here.

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