Layout/Pagination: CTS Special Execution – The Journey To Christmas (in t.o.night Newspaper)

Biblical Christmas-themed advertising integrated into t.o.night Newspaper editorial spread.
December 9, 2011

If there’s one thing t.o.night Newspaper loves to do above all else, it’s creative advertising – everyone in the office gets really excited whenever we can integrate a client’s advertising right into our typical day-to-day editorial.

One of our latest ad clients, CTS, decided they wanted to do an integrated ad in t.o.night’s “Around Town” section to promote their upcoming special Journey To Christmas: a documentary following people retracing the biblical path to Bethlehem.

Ultimately what we came up with was to make the typical Toronto subway map into a desert themed expedition map, replacing all the subway stop names with those of biblical locations (I tried positioning some of these near prominent spots; such as how “Mt. Sinai” ended up replacing “Queen’s Park” on the map – where the notable Toronto hospital of the same name is located).

The daily weather, gas prices, and recipe were styled to match, as though they were carved into the stone of the era.

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